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Re: Married and lonely

I think there is a fine line between "porn" and Art. Art (really good art) is generally not produced with the intent to generate a provocative (obvious sexual) response....the human body can be depicted very beautifully and innocenty without being sexually suggestive....just like clothing women choose to wear in public.

Playboy is definately now considered "soft" porn by both men and women alike...compared to what is now being floated "out there". Any articles of interest written for Playboy (and far better ones) can be read online w/o the need for viewing naked women posing in provocative positions which produce sexual arousal in the "average" man....I doubt Sistines Chapel, or Dante's Infernal would qualify as being suggestive or provocative art.

I think you are right...sales would drop like lead were it not for the suggestively posed naked women in it....but if they put the latest electronics or tools in it instead, it might hold it's own in terms of sales...if not, you would have proven your point to those who are in "denial". The very name of it suggests something doesn't it?

That's my take on it.

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