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Re: 20 years Trapped


Why can't you do something unconventional that YOU enjoy, earns money enough to find some satisfaction, and joy in your accomplishments? You move take your talents with you.

You DO need to be responsible for your own safety where you are living. That means locks on doors and your children having alert training for where you live. What do I mean by unconventional work? You can learn to paint, draw, do photography, sew, make pottery, quilt, design clothing, make dolls, make hats, etc. for the last 12 years I have done all of these things and sold my creations through my websites, and several online auction sites, craft fairs, holiday bazaars. A woman with a sewing machine can earn a substantial income from her home. Some woman make stunning christening gowns, with bonnets, that sell for shocking prices and are in high demand. Embroidery and emblem items are in high demand. there are childrens' design clothing, huge profit and demand there, pet items, custom sofa and seat covers, custom pillow covers, handbags, and designer quality hats. I know a local person who bakes dog food biscuits at home and has a runaway success. They are found in most of the dog grooming salons in town. Did you see the sweaters, jeweled collars, and coats for dogs? You would NOT believe what people will pay for these items! What do you need? Internet access or local outlets to sell them for you.

Home made fudge ships to other areas and raises big dollars w/return customers at holidays. These are some of the ventures that you take control of your life and enjoy income and feeling of satisfaction from your efforts. This gives one income for needed extra things that every family can emergency fund. Beats feeling bad about your life!

What you want is to add to your life and make a world for yourself and not be an appendage of your husband. Having a bank book with funds for needed things, is something any smart woman can do without leaving her home. I have five websites and ship goods all over the world. I import items and resell them on my sites in small batches. As a business entity, I buy wholesale and sell at profit. A business license launches a commercial venture and that does not require a large investment. There is no special wardrobe needed, and this works around your time and family. You have education and skills but not a lot of continuous job history so that is hard to start somewhere. What I am talking about is not a little lady with a hobby but turning these interests to marketable skill that can turn into more than you can imagine. This kind of industry raises significant income in this household. You start with products and go from there.

I get the impression you are getting bullied about in your home. Find a space that belongs to you and claim it for your own! Maybe that is your craft room or painting room. I have friends who draw and paint ( I paint in oils.) They sell through local galleries and paint what they want for their own pleasure. I have a lovely art studio upstairs in my home and belong to an art club. There are friends and social outings because of those interests. We hang our work in restaurants and banks that give us space. If they sell fine, if not, I change them around, give them as gifts. Some of these artist friends work part time at the gallery and do very well. These are just ideas. Maybe you explore what you need to do to change some negative aspects of your life to something just for you? You need to build up confidence and something that belongs to do. When your husband has one of his hissy fits, tell him kindly get off your case, and go for a walk or go to your space. You have no independent income, no job and you are not going to jump off into space because you are unhappy. We all start somewhere on a journey. Is your journey to become happier or to leave this man?

I think if you felt better about yourself, you would feel better about your marriage.

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