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Re: 20 years Trapped


Agreed, that anger and bitterness can seriously effect health! It might be a good idea to make a visit with your family doctor. You may also be having some depression due to hormonal changes, which many women may experience for a time. Mild medication (perhaps needed), better physical activity level and a boost in nutrition might make you feel much better. A business from home need NOT keep one trapped in the home. That is not at all true. One lady I deal with, teaches two day seminars on how to make her items in different countries. I bought her beautiful book full of color plates. She now owns a country house in France. That is a home generated business!

I think part of problem in this marriage has to do with his lack of courtesy in how he speaks to and expects freddo to always be at his call. She needs to set some boundaries. I leave you in good hands. Good luck.

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