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Re: Should I say yes?

I think you will know it when it's right Freegirl. There will be a chemical attraction and you will have peace about it as well.

Sounds a bit like me. I was kind of dating a girl. We thought on similar lines spiritually. I was kind of drifting into marriage and in my head things were right. Kind of platonic if anything. Deep down in my heart though it was not right. There has to be some oomph! in it as well. At this time there was someone madly in love with me and couldn't eat her food, but I didn't know about it. It took two years to come out. When it did I knew she was the one after going out with her for a while. She didn't tell me because she had rejected me quite a few years before. The pastor had to tell me in the end. So things can change.

I would say it needs to be right in your head in your heart (chemical attraction, physical as well) and also peace. The peace was the primary thing for me.

I think you are very wise to call it off and really think and pray about it. It is about the most important decision you will ever make, apart from receiving Christ of course.
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