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Re: Husband doesn't want sex

Susan, sex was made by God and it's true we were meant to thoroughly enjoy it within the bounds of marriage. Man perverts it by taking it out of relationship. Pornography is like sex outside relationship. the Song of Solomon is a beautiful piece that shows God is not against sex. I think you will find that there is no evidence at all about any drawings accompanying it. These things have been thoroughly researched for centuries. It shows that sex is good, but I don't think it's written in such a way that tittilates. The most it says is breasts. (It's also a picture of Christ and the Church if you understand the prophetic message). Theres no doubt that a man should be intoxicated with his wife. Thats even a command in Proverbs 5.19. Porn is mostly about sex with anyone anywhere married or not graphically described. Nothing like the Song of Solomon in my view. You cannot really compare it to porn. The only common denominator is sex.

The passage you mentioned in Ezekiel 23 refers to two women who played the harlot. It is a picture of disgust that they had forsaken their husbands and uncovered their nakedness to various lovers. It is a visual aid to talk about Jerusalem and Samaria who had forsaken the true God and played the spiritual harlot in going after other so called Gods in other nations and were coming under judgment. I don't see how you can justify pornography out of that. It was some of these other nations in fact that revelled in open sex in their temples with statues of massive penises, temple prostitutes etc.

The bible can be quite blunt in sexual things but that doesn't justify porn. There is a massive difference you must admit. Sex can be spoken of in a helpful way when it needs to be, but to speak of it for the sake of it in order to tittilate and sell books is an entirely different ball game. That has a completely different spirit on it. Anyone of any discernment knows that. Wives have a better grasp of this than most men and instinctively know the dangers, although men know they are right deep down. If you read some of these old threads you will see the place pornography had in ruining a lot of the marriages. Divorces through pornography are on about 15% at the moment from about 1% ten years ago, so it is a massive problem.

Jesus said that if a man looks on a woman to lust after her he has already committed adultery/fornication with her in his heart. This must be happening in pornography over and over. I always think it is a kind of mental adultery and my observation is that it is having the same effect as adultery. Pornography is a robber rather than an enabler. It's almost like it has come to steal and destroy. Did you know that porn stars have way the highest suicide rates of any profession? It is not something that God can bless. Somemething else is behind it and it isn't God.

Sex is a strong urge in most of us but the fire needs to be lit in the hearth (marriage) not in the middle of the floor where it will burn the house down.


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