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Is She Still Cheating?

My apologies if this seemed repeating. I am seeking opinions of those (men & women) who had undergone similar issue ....

1. Married for 25 yrs. with 2 grown up children.
2. I (Husband) was comatosed for 2 yrs and another 1 yr physiotherapy.
3. Wife high corporate position and financially free.
4. Me (financially free) and given all assets (house & new car) to wife.

Current situation:-

1. Wife steady in maintaining herself (looks and health). Goes to gym (6 am-7 am) before heading to office. (Mon-Fri). I am very grateful and praises her diligence.

2. While I was getting my senses back (during physiotherapy days), I noticed she only come back from office around midnight (Mon-Fri). When I kissed her (to greet her), tasted alcohol on her lips. She said she was counselling staff. I told her my unhappiness and asked her to resign. She said "No. I enjoy my work." Started to be back by 7pm.

3. I am getting better by the day and mobility is improving through more exercises. I can drive now. Mental alertness almost perfect now ... see my post here

4. Had a row with her recently. She thought I was asleep and was texting (11 pm). Then she left the room and went to the kitchen. I thought she went to get herself a drink and pretended to be asleep. After 30 mins, I decided to see what was she up to? She was on the phone with a guy (I suspect) as she was giggling and giving ideas to the other person on how to 'punish' office mates. I was standing outside kitchen window and could hear her clearly .... certainly a guy on the other line (ended with plans for lunch the next day. No "I love you." there.) She switched off lights in kitchen and came out ... didn't noticed me by the window.
I asked her who was she talking to at this hour. She said "Samantha." - an ex colleague (6 months) who is now a property agent. (Samantha is just another lady sitting in the next cubicle who never met me and my wife haven't gone dinner with - to show just another ex colleague). I asked her to show me her phone log, she said "My private matter." stormed off to restroom and deleted her phone log and messages. She kept her mobile very private and never leave it alone in the house ... always holding it and to the bathroom when she goes for her showers.

5. I told her I would forgive and forget if she was having an affair during my 2 yrs of comatosed but not now. I asked if she wanted a divorce. She said "No. I will not leave you. Transfer all your cash to me for safe keeping." I said "No. Will divorce her if she is having an affair."

6. What upset me and caused me to write in for advice was I saw her taking her mobile out from under her pillow this morning. She used to keep her mobile on the shelf next to her side of bed. I didn't see the mobile there for pass few nights and thought she was charging her mobile somewhere. O dear ... am I imagining the worst?


P/S Going for couple counselling next week.

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