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Re: Is She Still Cheating?

Hahaha. She got a 6th sense with her phone. 2 nights ago she was charging her phone by the window and after a long day fell asleep (snoring .... loudly). I woke up to go to the bathroom and noticed her phone being charged, I took it out to the living room to see what she kept in her phone.

Alas, she code-locked her phone and in a minute I heard her coming out of the room (1 am). I quickly put her phone underneath a magazine and pretended to check messages in my phone. She asked me "Where's my phone?". I said "I thought it's with you.". She asked me to call her mobile, and it rang. She took it from under the magazine and happy it was still locked (smiling). Told me "Don't touch my phone."

Since she coming back at 7 pm recently, phone chat must be limited. She kept making excuses to go somewhere (grocery, pharmacy and even public toilets). Caught her a few times where she was unusually long at mall toilet, she started coming back from another floor. Saying "Many people inside ... have to use other toilet." She is full of s**t .... I waited 20 minutes and only saw 3 ladies using toilet.

Engaging PI next week.
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