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Renewing our wedding vows

This year me and my husband as been married 15yrs we've been together since i was 13 and my husband was 15
i am now 36
i love my husband so much and he is a very good dad thats not the problem
it's this there seem to be no time for us i've tried to tell him but he does'nt listen to me
Last year i tried to kill myself we was having a bad time in our marriage money problems
they are getting sorted now.
then just before xmas he asked me to marry him again he booked the church and thats all he's done
when i say i will need a new outfit all he says is you have plenty of cloths in your wardrobe but i want to look good for him and feel good myself
DO i
1 cancel the wedding
2 do it my way
3 help
many thanx
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