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Re: Renewing our wedding vows

For what it's worth - I made my wedding dress. I refused to pay hundreds for a one-day frock! It cost me 80 in utterly swanky material, and people still ask me now for my dressmaker
I sold it for a fiver on ebay.

It is just a dress for one day, Dawn.

Far more important to feel good in yourself.

If I had, say 100 budget, I'd spend 20 on a 'recycle' dress and 80 on a fabulous facial.

It's not the dress that counts, it's who's inside it!!

Added: In case you were wondering, the cost of my dress would have to come out of our holiday budget, as we were paying for our wedding ourselves. So I wanted to be lovely, but not spend much.
What I did spend:-
3.5m Silk satin + 1.5m lace (bought online from Indonesia) - 80
Facial: 40
Body massage: 60
Flowers: 30 (my sisters-in-law did my hair & made the bouquet)
Total: 210.
It was a beautiful wedding. Really, you don't have to spend a fortune! All that matters is you two ... and feeling good about it

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