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Re: Renewing our wedding vows

Dear Dawn33...

Great you found a dress and can feel really pretty for such a nice event. I hope you will focus on the really nice things coming up for you and begin to feel better.

When we talk about other people and what they think about us, I heard once 80% don't care and are too busy with their own problems to worry about us and 15% might wish us bad luck so only 5% are worth to worry what they think about our lives. That 5% are family and people who know us well and understand and care about us. They are not interested to be impressed but eager to help us. What is most important is you fogive yourself for any imperfections and accept yourself, just as you are. Then work to think more positive thoughts as it is a habit.

When I was a kid...I am older than you...that childrens' book series was popular and later made into the movie,"Pollyanna." Did you ever read or see this movie? It is a about a child who was orphaned and had to go and leave in a town where her aunt would raise her. She had a game she learned from her father called the Glad game. Whenever there were any negative things she was to turn it around to something positive. I loved the book and read it over and over. Perhaps it is ingrained in my personality.

All my life I have used that philosophy to accept and deal with sad or unhappy events to turn them around and it has made me stronger. Perhaps you will treat yourself to get this video or DVD or read the book in the library. I would call it a happy book. There are also several other books in the series and I read them all. Books can be great esape routes. They also say when you are whatever you usually do to get yourself up. I paint and that is a fine way to spend a lot of time doing busy work. Sometimes i talk here when I am lonely and the house is quiet.

Like you, I have animals..cats and a big over friendly puppy I need to take out now and spend time with him. I hope he will be my best friend when I get him trained if he dosen't bruise me up first. He bruised my leg trying to run around me and collided with my leg because he has a big body and uncoordinated. Sure a funny way to get a bruise.

Spend time with your dogs and talk to them like you say you do. They are smarter than the men in our lives anyway.

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