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12 Tips to Follow When Shopping for a Wedding Dress

1. Set a price limit on how much youíre willing to spend on a a gown.
-So it is always a good idea to set a budget before you start looking.

2. Know your figure shape.
-it is always a good idea to know yourself which shapes will flatter you & which ones wonít.

3. Ask for bridal shop recommendations.
-Word of mouth is vital to any business & people will talk about good & bad experiences they have had with vendors

4. Shop during the week.
-If you can choose a weekday to go shopping for your gown. Weekends are always busy & you could find it impossible to get an appointment when you want one.

5. Fib about your wedding date.
-This will give you some time to ensure the gown arrives & all alterations can be completed satisfactorily.

6. Bring a buddy with you.
-They can give you their opinion on what suits you best & stop you from blowing the entire wedding budget on a deisgner couture dress.

7. Take your time when choosing a gown.
-it is important not to rush into a purchase but take your time & make sure you pick the right gown.

8. Ask the store lots of questions.
-always consider the who's, how, what, where, when/. Bridal stores can have many hidden fees & policies that you may not be aware of until it comes to purchasing a gown.

9. Bring a vinyl tape measure with you.
-The measurements they should take will be your bust, waist, hips & from the hollow of your throat to hemline (for length).

10. Donít base your choice on dress size.
-The same is true with bridal gowns, that is why it is important to get a gown made up to your exact measurements to ensure a perfect fit.

11. Donít put your gown on a layaway plan.
-Be careful of paying for a gown in installments when you havenít yet received it. The manufacturer could go out of business or discontinue that particular design.

12. Make your own headpiece.
-An alternative option is to rent one from a resale or consignment store.
Bridal headpieces, tiaras & combs can cost your anything from $70 to $200 dollars in a bridal store.
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