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Re: 7&a half years.wants marriage!

Originally Posted by Raymond View Post
Chanelin I am amazed that you have been going with your boyfriend for seven and a half years and he has not proposed to you i.e. hasn't asked you to marry him. I thought you were engaged. Maybe there is some sense in what the pastor said in giving it a break to see if it is right. Surely a proposal should be forthcoming if you are talking about marriage in two years? There is something stalemate about the situation although if you have agreed to get married to each other then I suppose you are engaged, but it all seems a bit wooly in a way without a definite proposal. I think you at least need a ring to show that you are spoken for. Even Mary was bethrothed to Joseph until they got married.

Sorry to be personal but how far do you go physically? I know you are keeping pure but if he is kissing etc. I don't think he has the right to if he has not asked you to marry him. I never even held my wifes hand until I had proposed. After that I felt we could kiss and hold, looking forward to the wedding after which anything was right.

Somehow you may be driving things but there is nothing from him. I don't know.

I agree with this. if he wants to marry you then why not ask you, get engaged,and make the date 2 years hense?
I think he may very well be unsure and therefore he is saying 2 years to keep you quiet. I can understand about the finances but if he isnt sure after 7 years I wonder if he ever will be.
I agree with Raymond to have a time apart, maybe 3 months or so, to see where you both are after that. Use that time to pray and ask God for clear direction.
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