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Dear Amazonfestie...

Dear, you should NOT be sitting home alone crying! Listen, you had a near miss to messing up your life! You should celebrate that things resolved as they have. I believe there is a destiny for you out there that will bring you happiness and you can reach your best potential.

Listen, now you have distractions removed, how about putting a success plan in place for yourself? Take a few days to get out a day hike, see the beauty around you, get some fresh air. You could think about return to training you want to get, or making progress on the job, or put a plan to some self improvement.

Sign up at a gym, touch base with family or take a few days trip somewhere of interest. Go buy a set of earphones w/music to wear while you walk. She ends up happy? Well, let's hope she is not in your vicinity, so you can move on and straighten some head tricks that might pull you down.

Maybe your relationship was a rehearsal for the big event that is yet to come!
Get rid of negative thoughts and do mental house cleaning. Sometimes we would not recognize a real good person who comes along until we had a negative one and make comparisons. Trust that the Infinite God has a plan for you.
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