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Just as you wanted certain things in a husband I had a priority list of what was most important to me in a mate. I also knew what traits would be intolerable and unacceptabe. There was no sliding in that particular area of the unacceptable. These issues would fall in the range of a drinker, player, liar, cheater or someone with profound character defects and how you know this is knowing the history. Most don't deviate far from the past and how they conduct themselves.

Like you, I was 40, so I had experienced in the negatives. I met enough men to be a reasonable judge of character. I had a profound belief that God wanted me to find happiness and had acceptance that the Universe provides guidance in such matters. There is a kind of magic in how humans love and I am a naaive believer in the destiny of attraction. When one becomes cynical and suspicious, there is little possibility to attract love. So my advice for someone who seeks love would be to work out the negative parts of that past relationships. One has to be open to experience and not closed down. One has to be able to trust the emotions that come with loving another.

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