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Midlife crisis

Hi all, first time for me on this.

Been happily married for 17 years, had a good life have one child. My wife is 11 years younger than me. She has been suffering with depression for the last 18 months. Recently I noticed a real change in her behaviour at home and after a few weeks I questioned this. I was totally devastated when she told me that she had become emotionally involved with someone at work, (emotional affair). She swears that nothiing sexual has happened, and I am trying to believe that. She says that she has addressed this now and wants to move on. The sad news is she shows no regret for what she has done to our famly and the heartbreak it has caused.

After many weeks of talking and crying together, she is now seeking counselling, and she has come to the decission that when our son is older she wants to change carreer to involve travel, which will most likely mean her being away from home for months at a time. She feels that she has given herself to the family for a number of years and now wants to do something for herself before she gets to old and looks back and regrets it. she says she still loves me.

she says I have not given her enough space over the years and that she is bored and wants to do something more exciting.

Should I just let her go and live this freedom live that she craves? only herself to answer to, or should I just sit back and let her do her thing. I just feel so mixed about it all. maybe the next affair could be the real deal that will end our marriage and being away from each other will seal our fate.
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