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Re: please god help me

Hi there, I am new to this so bear with me. Guess what, you actually might love her you just haven't connected you head to your heart. I know this because it was the same for me. You felt her pain excuse the well used line. Men seem to think love is about fireworks and curling toes. love is the mutual enjoyment and emotional and physical comfort we have with another person. I shared my life with a man for 14 yrs and I had an affair because like you I believed I never really loved him. 6mths after being found out I suddenly realised I was lost. My other half was missing. We are back together but he is treating me so badly yet I won't walk away, I love him, I know I will have to leave at some point if he doesn't stop, I will take for now because I know he hurts,I pray we will recover. Take your time and enjoy your partner, you are not in a trap so relax and see where this adventure takes both of you, just stop hurting her by obssesing about how you aren't in love you can convince yourself of anything for a time.
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