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Re: please god help me


This is a FRIEND...not the "right one" perhaps? We have quite a few friends before we find the one that curls our toes. Part of it is making good a clean decent person of good character with no bad habits as drinking/drugs/behavior glitches. Take time to find that out and you may find the one meant for you. We meet lots of "prospects" before we find the one we want for the long term.

Be fair, be honest..if you don't feel this is a heart connection break it off with kindness. Don't force a puzzle fit because you are desperate to find someone. Needy people meet the WORST because they try so hard they make allowances for character defects that won't allow a lifetime partnership. The more similar is background as family, religion the less chance for problems in the long run. Sometime we just have to realize the time is not right and keep company with friends, group activities. One day, when you least expect it perhaps you will know you found the right fit. Be happy being single and free for awhile.
Good luck. Happy New Year.
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