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Opinions on Engagement

Hi there,

I notice a lot of the advice on here has been about current marriages, this is slightly different.

I'm 21, and have a girlfriend of 19, have been together 3 years now but we are so close, if someone were to tell me exactly how we'd feel for each other on the day I met her, I'd never have believed them.

We are both studying seperately, about 40 minutes apart, which isn't that bad. However next year we are thinking of moving in together to continue her studying and for me to work.

My question is, am I too young to get engaged? I feel like I almost shouldn't be getting engaged, not for my own reasons, but because of what other people will think of me! In that they might just think I'm moving too quick or making a rash decision that I haven't thought through.

I have suffered from anxiety in the past, and this is maybe something stopping me talking to my parents about it. I'm afraid of what they might say.

I had heard about a 'promise' you can make, involving a ring, that you will one day ask your boyfriend/girlfriend to marry you. I quite like the idea but I'm not sure if I were to do that, how long I could leave it before asking.

I've also debated getting engaged and keeping it on the low until I was confident enough to come out with it, and even then only saying that we had only just got engaged.

What are everyone's thoughts on this? I would like to hear them.

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