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Re: Marriage Problems

18 years, 2nd marriage. married at 17, for me, first wife left me and our children after 16 years for a man 10 years younger, 3 years on as a single parent I met my present wife(her first marriage) she was single parent we had baby to merge two families together, My stepson is 21 and our daughter is 17. I am now nearly 54 look around mid 40's but wife has not changed a bit since we first met still gets asked for ID, now 41 maybe it is the age difference finally showing up or mid life for her, I don't know. since problems first showed up I have lost 37lbs and take her out every weekend but was surprised to find this last 3 years has been one of meeting these men as she was the one who always said she was happy at staying in at weekends too relax but then used girls nights out for excuses, had she just said that she wanted me to start going out instead, I would have made that effort, but I thought she was happy and always said she would not betray me in the way my first wife had.
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