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Re: 20 years Trapped

Why cant you still use your creativity and passion where you are now? I dont know where you live but in the UK there are so many things in the community that you can get involved in. Crafts, choirs, evening classes in just about anything and everything, exercise classes, walking groups, volunteer work, the list is endless. No one is asking you to be someone you are not, you can be yourself in that hard situation. OK you havent got the marriage of your dreams, but many haven't.
I am sorry but I just cant see an 'out' for a marriage where one person doesn't love the other in the right way.

My husbands first marriage wasn't happy. He never felt loved or accepted as he was, but he had made promises and he stayed till she eventually met another man and divorced him. if she hadn't he would still be married to her because believes that we must keep our promises.

Do you have friends you can confide in about this?A close friend or relative who can pray with you and support you?.
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