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Re: Advice needed on whether should let husband come on holiday with us.

Yes Raymond, I realise that sex is a big part and don't I know it now. I knew that by refusing to have sex that if I lost him this would be the reason but I do think that I should have seen a doctor about this a few year's ago but I was ashamed and embarrassed to do so and no I have not been molested in the past. I have explained this to my husband but he is saying now that it is too late for me to suddenly have an interest in sex. Since finding out about the OW we have had sex several times and it has been good but he says it was just sex and nothing else. Since finding out I have made several changes but it seems to be may changing and not him. If he does get this woman out of his system, then I would make big changes in our life but until and if ever, what can I do? I just have to get through this but I have lost my husband, my friend and my job all in one go and I am devastated. Today has been a bad day and I am missing him badly although I have spent it with my girls, everyone is out Christmas shopping and I feel so bad. Tomorrow, Sunday, he is coming to have a Christmas Day with us as we will be away on 25th and I am dreading it as when I see him I am so pleased but after he has gone I just feel worse.

I haven't told him yet that he won't be coming with us on holiday. Also as he is living at work he would expect to stay in our house whilst we are away. Under no circumstances do I want him to bring the OW into our house ever again. Should I say he can't stay here. I was thinking of asking him to give me his key so that he can't get in or if he won't do that then get the locks changed. What do you think?
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