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Re: Newly Married & want a Divorce Help Please!!

HI ronnoco - you are right and thank you for your comment , I would think twice with my ex, could I get past it ? I don't know, If he gave the effort needed I`m sure probably I can . It happened years ago and it did take a lot in me to forgive him but I knew not forgiving would only hurt me . We have a connection and relationship like no other and I`m not sure if I can ignore that.

With my husband , its so much deeper . He also has a personal issue to over come that makes us distant as well. Its a difficult situation. I feel so lost , I need that emotional connection and I know partly this is my fault because I should've postponed the wedding I tried but wasn't persistent. I don't take marriage lightly but I do believe you need that emotional bond and connection for a strong foundation . I don't know ....

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