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Re: Newly Married & want a Divorce Help Please!!

You are wise enough to assess your feelings and emotions now rather than let them fester. This is a good thing. Perhaps you have leapt too quickly into a marriage without "passion" but that passion is the very thing which has proved so damaging in your previous broken relationship. I have been in a very similar situation. I am 20 years down the line of a marriage to a decent man whom i married quickly as a subconscious escape but also with a religious conviction whom i did not love with a great passion. I always wondered if I missed out. Your advantage, though, is that you're wise enough to think it through now. You have been honest enough not to pretend and therefore to be open enough to allow love to nurture and grow between you. I covered up my "mistake" and ended up in a broiling resentful mess.
Please be open with each other and with your God - relationships change, grow and develop over time. Honesty, commitment, loyalty and devotion count way above passion.....and the passsion can grow from these other qualities overvtime....if you nurture it.
Passion alone doesn't make a relationship last.
Nurtured love and companionship does.Your new husband will be hurt by your admission. Show him you are at least willing tp work together on your marriage and you never know what will blossom.
If it really is wrong then God will show you the way, but now before you have done your utmost to uphold the promises you have made to each other.
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