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Re: Husband doesn't want sex

Hi Baroness...

I am glad you go back to your projects. A creative endeavor removes you from conflict and gives one peace. My creations have always been well received with items in damand as few others make these things. I use an assembly line system to cut them in numbers, then designed them to look different saving time. My items sell easily, and I take orders.

I hate to work by a deadline so set a wide window of time as getting behind causes me stress. I design/create theatre costumes and wedding dresses which are pricey and sell. It is easier for me to make a ready made size and any custom made for figure types I charge much more to do. I also find dealing with customers takes patience. I get payment or deposit prior to the article made. The deposit is non-refundable. One wanted a special color in an item. She thinks I would make it and send her photos! I sent her a payment invoice and she didn't pay it. She might still be waiting. I don't buy fabrics, make the item, and send photos for customer approval prior to payment!

First thing you need is the terms of sale/rules for your business. You advise the customer how you work, what you expect and how many days before you expect payment. You state clearly the terms of payment you accept and then make the best photos and description of the item. A good professional image will win confidence and make sales.

I created only custom millinery for Victorian, Civil War and Edwardian items at first. They are authentic in design, fabric and construction and clientele love them and order more. The dresses are sold as fast as I make them. This is no easy dress construction with antique patterns and a bodice which is lined, interlined and boned with steel boning, just as the old one were made.

To make a profit Confucious would say, "to MAKE more, you SPEND less than you make." Initially there are start up costs. You invest in good tools as sharp scissors and patterns. My bonnets are constructed with millinery wire, buckrum and mulling/fleece or padding. These can be made by you initially with hand sewing and use wide ribbon for ties. A sewing machine is a needed investment. I keep a bookeeping system for expenses and income. I can tell you more of the details by email. They say," if one makes a good mousetrap the world will beat a path to your door." A good product, well displayed and priced right, will sell. So getting the equation right, one learns.

Like any venture, time management is important. I have no children home but I placed an advertisement to sell one of my dogs. She requires more time and attention then I have to put into her. I can't break up my work time to pull her in from barking constantly. I need uninterrupted work time. I will place her in a home where she can be shown and get to training sessions as she is an active show dog.

I read articles and talk to others and keep an eye on products in the field. I make some varied items so that gives fresh interest and I don't get stagnant. Then there is the philosophy of "passive income." This is kind of a joke, but I break it down this way, "Let me, or let others work." That is why I introduced drop shipping of other products because I wanted income easy that didn't rest on my efforts. Let us say that is where one gets "easy money." It can also mean one invests back into the business for a better profit margin.

The main thing to remember is that you have the power to change some things, not all. I can change my attitude. I choose to not be at the whim of another and not be a reacter. I choose to have things that work for me and I can control how well that works for me. It takes mind control to have an attitude of prosperity. That is a biblical concept and one that works. I'll Let somebody else elaborate on that, but it is a principle that helps in business and in life. There is energy derived from the attitude of prosperity which attracts in the universe abundance and plenty.

If one sees everything as a struggle and in a negative manner, this creates poverty and unhappiness. A person will never create prosperity until they stop courting poverty. The mind cannot grasp that theory until they believe the universe carries abundance. The mind has to believe, to achieve. I see creativity as God keeping my hands and mind active, and that has been a blessing and a reward.

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