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Re: Husband doesn't want sex

Good advice as usual and thanks for sharing. I went to the doctor today thinking that it was a one time deal but it turns out I qualify for health insurance on a permanent basis because of Obama so now I have my own insurance and my doctor has already set up a mamogram appointment which is important since my mother had breast cancer.

I have to obtain some paperwork by the 1st of September and it requires traveling to get it. He took me to the doctor but was ranting and raving about the finances again and I got upset with him. He's talking about putting our stuff in storage and giving up the apt. if the government takes more money out of his checks.

If that happens I will not go to a motel with him to live until things are better, I will go to my mom's and that will be the end of this relationship. I'm sick of his defeatist talk and his the glass is not only half full, but has totally evaporated!

As I've said, we have nothing really between us anymore so when I can afford to live on my own, whether it be disability, my business or a job, I will go it alone because he is only bringing me down and not offering anything to me as far as any effort to be with me.

I will email you because I don't think everyone is interested in what is happening with my new hat. When we got home from the doctor I got the electric bill and I have a credit for the deposit I put down and so now I won't have to pay that bill for 3 months! That is a bill I pay so that gives me more money. It's been a good day except for his lousy attitude.

Once I get the insurance card I will get an extray of my back but meanwhile my attorney is going forward with my case. I am hopeful about my future but this man is weighing me down, robbing me of my positive attitude and sidetracking me from enjoying making my hats. He just sits there in front of the tv but now he isn't talking because he's worrying about things that might not even happen.

I'm tired of him upsetting me and making no effort except to bring doom and gloom into my life. I think in the long run I will be better off. Things can change and if they do and he wakes up then fine, but I have to have a plan. As far as i'm concerned he's cheating on me with m. His negativity is oppressing me and life doesn't have to be like this.

I dont know what he did with the money from his attorney but suddenly he's ranting and raving about having no money and we've been managing for quite awhile. Perhaps he isn't being honest in what is happening with his finances or perhaps he's worried the government will take some more money. I said 'Jesus!' and he said he had nothing to do with it and I said that's where your wrong.

Have a little faith, dude!