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Re: bipolar, an affair and baby!

I would have thought that if the child's mother and family want nothing to do with him there was not much scope to be a father figure to the child anyway.

It is good that he is having a conscience but I cannot see much working out of it as the child has his mother and her family by the sound of it.

I find it strange that adultery is almost justified because of bipolar but that is just by the way.

I agree with 1okgal. The whole thing came out of adultery and I can understand that that is what the child represents to you. I would give it time to work out. The child is still a human being and I do not see all that much scope for your husband being a father working out in view of the fact that the woman's family do not want anything to do with him. From their point of view he used their daughter while he was already married.

I think he has to live with the consequences. I do not see why in time you cannot adjust and show goodwill to the child as opportunity arises even though you will have your own family in time.
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