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Re: bipolar, an affair and baby!

I agree with forever in that if in the future there is any contact between him and the child, then a third party needs to be involved with either being there with them if he sees the child at her house, or to collect the child and bring him/her to see your husband. Under no circumstances should he be able to just go to her house and be there alone with her and the child. At least this will make it impossible for them to cheat again,and hopefully will put your mind at rest slightly.

I feel for you very much. I doubt that I could deal with this sitiation, I mean I do have 2 step sons but they are young adults and my husband didnt cheat on me to conceive them. Even so, that can be a challenge at times, especially with their mother initially interferring a lot.

Can you deal with him being involved in the childs life for many many years knowing that she is the mother?If he does decide to persue contact, you need to make that decision before you have a family of your own. You also need to consider that if this mother is bitter and angry, she can, and probably will, make life for you and him very difficult if there is contact. You know the saying about the woman scorned? Well its true in many cases.
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