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Red face Re: Christian Marriage And Sex Toys

Dear Mike56,
Thanks for your suggestions.
I really do appreciate. Only I am almost giving up.
It is easier to deal with someone who accepts there is a problem and faces it heads on. Mt H. Believes there is nothing wrong between us, would never accept or seek advice not even from his best man leave alone a counsellor.
How do you have foreplay with a man who is never there. Shows intention of sex and within 20 mins from his arrival in bed the act is over.
I am beggining to think that may be I have a problem myself. May be it was never meant to be and may be ------
I should just give up, forget about it and just accept that when it is only one party interested in working on a relationship, then the eqution will never balance.
Thanks all for your usefull suggestions and willingness to help.
Bet only a miracle can help us out.
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