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Re: Separated but living together?

I know three couples who tried this (my husband being one of them with his ex)but it really doesnt work. If the marriage is over then you need to seperate to begin to live alone and get used to being apart. The longer you live togather but seperately, the longer it will take to recover and heal.
If money is the issue cant one of you stay with relatives or friends?

If the marriage is still saveable then staying together while working on your marriage is fine.

In my husband case she wanted him to stay ( but in seperate rooms) while she was seeing another man. This was becuase she wanted him to carry on paying all the bills, doing all the jobs etc. It wasnt until someone pointed out to him that he was being totally taken advantage of that he decided to leave. He didnt want to leave but she wouldnt so he had to.
Also she was a very controlling lady and while he was still there, she still controlled everything, bossed him arond and told him what to do, even though she was divorcing him.

So it definately wasnt good for him at all to stay there.
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