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I am so terrified

Can I ask you to please pray for my husband, we have been trying and praying for a family for a number of years. We had some tests done and found out he is not producing sperm. He is going for an operation in September to check for a blockage to see if this is causing the problem. He is broken hearted as am I, I am terrified that it will be bad news. Please pray for him for good news, can I ask that you pray for me to be strong for him, so I can support him and get through this. All we ever wanted was to have a family and complete our love for each other in the amazing way having a child together does. I wish the problem was with me as I feel I am stronger and can talk about things, my heart is just breaking.
I am praying to St Rita for hope and strenght and ask that you maybe think of us in your thoughts.
I know God only gives us the burdens we can carry but I am so scared that this is something I can't carry.
thank you,
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