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Re: Is there something going on?

I wouldn't wait either . From experience the longer you wait , the worse it gets . I actually think you have more than enough proof with the text message you've already seen. They may not be having a physical affair- yet- but emotional affairs can be just as destructive and often physical affairs follow on from them.

You could of course find out where the " works do " is going to be at the end of the month and turn up and see whether it's just the two of them. I don't think you'd get any more definitive proof than that if it is just them there.

Personally though I'd confront her now and tell her what you know to be fact and that you have every intention of speaking to her boss ( and his wife if he has one ). She won't like it , and will probably try and deny it but I can tell you from experience, when someone suddenly starts sending and receiving lots of texts , or becomes secretive with their phones ( carrying them everywhere , leaving them on silent, deleting texts ) something isn't right.
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