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Re: Is there something going on?

I would say something like "I know that something is going on with you and your boss and I want it to stop right now. If it doesn't I am going to speak to him myself, and will tell his wife" (if he has one). She will deny anything is going on, because those who cheat will always deny it, but that's OK. Don't say "is there something going on?" because you know there is, but say "I KNOW there is something going on". When she comes out with denials, just stay strong and say. I have said what I want to say and now the ball is in your court as to whether you end it right now and change jobs, or I will take it further.
Then she has the choice to stop it to save your marriage (and his) or not.
I would also say that you want her to immediately look for another job because they clearly spend a lot of time alone together, and they need to stop all contact.
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