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Re: Confused between two men, help!

Originally Posted by susan123 View Post
Yes Lidentree, John is that same guy. I don't know why I hung on so long. I fell in love with him and thought I would get him to change but I'm starting to get doubts now. He keeps telling me that he will change and have faith in him. I believed him for the longest time but I'm getting doubtful now. The reason I'm not very attracted to Eric is because he's not as tall as I would have liked my other half to be. I know this sounds very superficial and everyone keeps telling me that looks fade and I need to look at the bigger picture.But apart from the height issue he also doesn't pray and hasn't done so for many years. We share the same faith but he doesn't seem to be practising it. I don't want to think that I can change him considering my failed attempt with John. I keep being told I can't get everything I want and need to compromise somewhere or else I'll end up alone. The truth is I also live in an area where there aren't many men to choose from and moving cities is not an option at the moment. I've tried online dating, I've tried getting my friends to introduce me etc. I am living my life to the fullest. I participate in all kinds of activities. I'm not holding back on anything but I really wish I could find someone I could love and spend my life with...maybe I'll have to compromise
No never compromise on something so important. When you meet the right man you will know. John isnt living out the christian life, he is sexually immoral and if he really cared about you and God he would have stopped sleeping around ages ago. Never compromise with a man who is sexually immoral. How would you ever trust him?
Erics Height does seem to be a small thing if that is all it is. However the faith issue is massive.

My advise is to stop seeing both of them for 6 months. Pray and ask your friends to pray and listen to God.

I met my husband on the internet, it can take time. I was on Christian dating sites for 2 years before we met.
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