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Originally Posted by 1aokgal View Post
I would love it if my husband would earn less, and have a job that doesn't take him away from home for months at a time. But then, we do live a comfortable life and with security, in the career path he has chosen. It is the choice he made, as he likes the work and is in high demand for his skills. I am supportive and I learned to adapt.

I'm afraid the career choice for a man, may not always be where we agree. So long as the mans' work is ethical, moral and not too dangerous, I guess our man will make his own career choice.

Two months is too soon for you to be critical of this mans' performance or life choice! Most young men have years to advance and find their stride. A woman needs to work on her own earning ability. Today we don't expect a man to be a sole provider. It takes both people to build a secure life, provide a home, and educate the children. I think this subject is viewed differently, depending on the country/culture where one lives. In the states, education and work is the norm for women until the children are born. Many women return to work when the kids older and attend school.

When we date, we look at the character and personality, and we expect a guy to have a decent work ethic to hold a job. We can supply some encouragement, but a man will choose his career path. It is true that a man works hard for his family.
The deal breaker might be that you are pretty critical. It sounds as if you want to "manage" or change this man to be more acceptable to your standards. Either your standards might be too high, or you need to watch that personality trait that wants to pick the man apart. Ease up and enjoy the friendship.
Unfortunately most young women here have to return to work after their maternity leave, and dont have the luxury of waiting till the children are at school or older. I think its sad especially as its not cheap to get them into day nursery.
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