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Housing there is far far cheaper. Even with both working here, its not often a couple can afford to buy a home, even a very small one, unless they have well off parents who can help them with a large deposit. My son and his wife are in their 30's with a small son, and both work, but unless God does a miracle(and that is what I am praying for) I cant see how they will afford a home of their own. The rent on their tiny 2 bed terraced house is about $1500 a month. Its crazy. They also have no family near enough to help with daily child care. However they are very happy, and like me arent worried about material possessions and just want to be where Gods wants them.
My oldest nephew is the same. They rent a small 2 bed flat and have a small son, they wont have any more children because they haven't got the room even though they both work.
Its a very sad situation. When I married at 19 its was pretty easy to get a small home, we bought our first one(a 2 bed maisonette) at age 20 and 24, and we didnt earn that much. Housing is cheaper in some areas, such as the north of England, but of course those are areas with far less jobs available.

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