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Re: I don't love my wife and never have...

hi, I posted on this thread in 2005 and have just reread what I was going through. Don't know if it is of any help or interest to anyone, but I did decide to leave my marital home in the summer of 2005. I have never regretted the decision, but have been saddened daily by not living in the same house as my son. However, he is now 18 and well adjusted, I was in the fortunate position of being able to remain friends with my ex husband and be a daily part of my son's life - seeing him, cooking for him and doing ordinary things with him every day. I was able to support myself and buy a small house. A couple of months after I left, I met the most amazing man, a widower with 2 grown up daughters and have been supremely happy. I am now living with him and we have a civlised relationship with my ex husband.
I realise that evry situation is different, I tried my best for a long time and couldn'e go on any more.
hope this is of interest to any of you in your difficult situations. I couldn't however have done this when my children were young.
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