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Re: I don't love my wife and never have...

Hi peeps,
I have read all of your posts guys and I have been noding my head all the way through. I married my wife to do the right thing too its a horrible long story and im not gona get in to it. I do love her and my little girl BUT i am not in love with her and find myself hating her for trapping me, its not always a straitforward story takes 2 to tango and all that.
When I look in to other peoples relationships I find on most occassions that there is always one in the relationship that isnt IN LOVE and the other is madly in love.
I feel that i want to love another all the time and sometimes i take it out on my partner not aggressively or anything but i do, she knows that there is something wrong but like another post on here i do hide it well some times more that others obviously my mood comes in to play. It is really hard man but i really dont think i could leave my kids just so i can go out and sleep about to find a perfect partner which will probly never happen cause i find most people messy and unorganised.
Maybe im wrong and i should just leave her, I just dont know anymore!!!

Im 26 btw and we been together for 8yrs married for 5yrs, so i always feel i have missed out on alot of fun that most people i no have had

I could go on but it is a boring subject for most people.
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