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Re: Update for 'Courage to leave my 11 year marriage'

Originally Posted by msjlhunter View Post
Hi guys,

I just wanted to let everyone know who helped me with my tricky situation which was below..

**I am thinking about leaving my marriage after 11 years of been together. We have had more down times than up times. For the first 4 years of our relationship he would beat me, verbally abuse me and control me.. It was only when i learnt to hit back that he would stop. I have cheated on him twice which he knows about, i did offer to leave him but he didn't want me too. He wanted to make things work.

That was almost 6 years ago now and things are no better. Just recently he has been getting really hurtful with his words again, making allsorts of threats, calling me names and vowing that if i leave him he will hurt me.

I have found somewhere else to live but as you can imagine i am a little apprehensive of leaving him..

Any words of courage or help that people can give me will help me a lot as i have not spoke to any of my family about this.. He is 15 years older than me and is very much stuck in his ways.**

I just wanted to let all those people who helped me know that I did it :-).. I have left him, moved into my own place and am so much happier..

Thank you everyone again for your help and support.

x x x
Well done MSJ I am glad you are away from that abusive toxic environment, I wish you all the luck in the world and hope in due course you find full happiness in your life, it's the very least you deserve after all you have been put through by that monster, all the best RG xx
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