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Post Re: masturbation, porn and marriage

I am having serious problems with my husband and the same issue. My husband looks at porn even after I told him it hurts me, he has had cyber sex and been apart of online sex groups that cost money, he also continues to go to strip clubs with his single brother and single friends. All of this is completely UNACCEPTABLE in my opinion! I know that I am not overreacting. We have been married a little over a year, and on our anniversary I made a nice candle lit dinner and gave him a lovely gift. He didn't get me anything! Yet, he can go to a strip club and blow a hundred dollars. I feel that looking at other naked women is going against the institution of marriage. I fell inadequate and sexually turned off towards him. Having sex with him actually makes me feel dirty now. I guess I don't have any advice for you except to assure you other women feel this way and it is not right to do such things once you have gone to the alter. If you want to do those things, you best stay single, in my opinion. I feel it is completely ridiculous that this stupid thing my husband can't stop doing is causing an end to our marriage. I have been contemplating moving out.
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