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Ted Pratt
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Dear All

Here are some ideas about promoting marriage. 'Promoting' includes speaking, writing,or other activities.

Let me illustrate. I am a retired minister, who helps out in a local team. The team clergy responded to encouragement from me to offer more marriage preparation. They now provide two alternative Saturdays each spring for couples to attend for preparation. I would like to see them offering more - for example to use one of the two pre-marriage questionnaires, PREPARE or FOCCUS, and/or the Holy Trinity Brompton Marriage Preparation Course, but what is happening is more than previously.

So please use this forum - tell us what you have done or are doing, and/or ask for advice about what you could do, whether you are a minister, lawyer, teacher, health professional,civil servant, politician ...

Marriage is a foundation stone of national stability. It urgently needs all the support it can get.

Ted Pratt

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