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Re: My Partners daughter hates me, I need help!

I can truly understand where you are at the moment.
I have been there and I know the torture that you are going through.

It might help to break down the pain. I do find writing helps a great deal.
You have a few really big issues here. The cheating, the ex. the daughter.
Break it down into catogories and write down how each thing has made you feel.
The ex. cheating, how has that made you feel?
The ex. how do you feel about her?
The daughter and her hate campaign against you.

If you see if written down in front of you I am sure you will get some insight into how you could possible help yourself to make sense of it all.

There is just too many issues to deal with as a whole.
You are an easy target to blame all the issues on.
Your partner must take some responsibility for his part in all this mess, if he chooses not too then it will be very hard for you.

The daughter is a child and she is just caught up, like you in this and she will need a lot of time and understanding, and a lot of love. How can she trust someone new when her own Mother and Father have let her down so badly.

Only you know if you want to stick with your partner but you need to take very good care of yourself at this time.
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