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Re: Faithfulness Matters

Hm. I agree wholeheartedly that ‘faithfulness matters’ but it’s because of that that I can’t really agree, because I fundamentally disagree with the assumption behind the statement that ‘We do not believe anyone should make money from breaking up relationships’.

Specifically, I do not agree that any advertisement can ‘break up’ a relationship, as if the adulterer were some passive pawn of the advertister, led on to do something they would not otherwise have considered.

The whole and full responsibility for adultery lies with the adulterer. No matter the temptation, no matter how the marriage may have soured, no matter the opportunity, they can — they must — simply say, ‘No’.

I find it sad that companies like these can exist. But the adverts are not the cause of any marriages breaking up. They are a symptom of a society in which the primary purpose of sexual relationships is seen as providing happiness.

I therefore cannot support the call to close the websites. Make no mistake: I want the websites to close. But the only way that that can truly happen is to return to a society where faithfulness is assumed to be the norm.

Until that happens, there is no point in closing the websites. For every person who is unfaithful through one of these websites was unfaithful in their heart already. The websites are merely the sickness of a necrotic society, reflected back at itself.

Faithfulness matters. It matters too much to allow the responsibility for a breach of that faithfulness to be shared, passed on, or in any way diluted by implying that a website had anything to do with it. No one is unfaithful because of a website. They are unfaithful because they allow themselves to be unfaithful, and that is the whole and the end and the tragedy of it.
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