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Re: Christian marrying former Christian/new atheist

Hi and welcome
As a person who was married to a non believer for 25 years, and now a believer for 5 years, I would VERY strongly advise you not to go ahead with the marriage. You are right in that you wont be able to share this vital part of your life with your own wife, and any children will see that you arent at one about your faith.

I have three very close friends who have non believing husbands(they all became believers after they married) and they all struggle so much with the indifference and sometimes hostility, and the more they go on with God, the worse it gets. Theres a spiritual battle going on in their own homes, and that isnt good. They long for their husbands to become believers.

Apart from this, and much more importantly, God does clearly tell us not to be uneaqually yoked with an unbeliver, with very good reason. Paul says 'what has light to do with darkness', and how can two walk together who are not in agreement', and He is right.

When you marry you become one, the Bible says, and how can you be one if you dont share the most important thing in your life?

I suppose your options are that you could either call off the engagement, and delay the wedding, and see what happens (ie if she comes to God again). You could end it now, not easy at all, and many other people have had to wrestle with this and to choose between God and their partners, rr you could marry her anyway against Gods instructions and other peoples warnings, and hope that one day she may come back to God. Ask yourself deep down what you think God wants you to do.
I am sure this is very painful for you. A horrible decision. Could you also talk to your pastor about this and ask Him to pray with you for clear guidance as to the next step?

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