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The poster may recognize truth here but feel she is not yet in emotional stability to accept that. It is a far cry from asking for advice/help and being able to accept it. She may see the facts but not have the confidence to act toward change. People don't make change until they are forced to do it. That is when the status quo is so unacceptable that one will lose everything... financial stability, security to get out of an untenable relationship.

I read a statistic that says it is usually a three year process in marriages from point where one realizes it is unhappy and unproduct, to actual plans to separate. That point is when enough pain has occurred and that marriage can't improve. One can begin to move toward personal strengths and can establish an independent identity. We all know separation and divorce is one of lifes' great tragedies. It is when all our dreams shatter. We have to rebuild personal image and our view of tomorrow.

It is just my hope we can share some of what we learned or lived through to give solace to another at whatever stage they post here.
We do care and hope things improve for this lady.
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