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Re: Should I say yes?

What we are saying here is that one should never "settle" in desperate haste or marry for reasons other than love. Forever is a long time. One should put serious consideration into the selection of a life mate. That is a bigger selection than buying a pair of shoes.

Is he a good listener? Does he have moral integrity and ideals? Does he hold women in respect? Does he show jealousy and control issues or believes you make reasonable decisions. Does the man have the work ethic and does he have a good relationship with his own family? Does he desire or like kids, if that is a consideration? Are there shadows in the mans' background that need to be considered? What is his romantic track record? Why did past relationships fail?

Is he financially responsible and shows he is temperate and stable? What are his goals?

Does he take care of himself physically? What interests do you have in common? These are all the list of considerations for a husband. Somehow this all falls into place with the one the universe has selected for you.
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