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Re: Should I say yes?

As far as this man is concerned he does share moral and spiritual beliefs to mine. He respects me, is a kind-hearted person and takes good care of his health. He has most of the things that I want in a partner except 2 things which I feel are necessary...looks and the right age. Am I being selfish and superficial??

I was in a relationship about a year ago. He was a friend of mine that I had known for 3yrs before we dated for nearly 2yrs. We had a 'connection' and could talk endlessly. However at the back of our minds we knew that our relationship would not last because of our difference in spirituality. However surprisingly spirituality wasn't the reason we eventually broke up. As our relationship grew older he became lazy and wouldn't put in enough effort to make time for the 2 of us and it was always me that was trying to get him to make time. It started to make me feel needy and eventually I got frustrated and unhappy which, ultimately lead to our break up. Ironically we're still good friends even after that but have no romantic interest. This just makes me wonder whether without a 'connection' can a relationship still survive considering mine didn't despite it?
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