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Re: Should I say yes?

I think it goes back to chemical attraction freegirl for want of a better word.

This man seems to have everything apart from being younger and goodlooking. That will become less crucial if you have that chemical attraction. CA isn't everything but it needs to be there with all the other things in my view. We can be attracted to some awful people so we have to use our heads as well.

What do you mean in differences of spirituality? Does this person have what you need in that area? I once knew a girl for a few years. In my head she had everything but I had to admit in the end that I didn't love her in the romantic sense however well we got on. There was not enough there to make a marriage. Whether women are different to men in that they will adjust to someone they are not in love with initially I don't know. For me I knew it would be a mistake and do have a marriage with a wonderful person for many years now where I did have some chemical attraction. I don't think we are computers. Something needs to shake the ground a little doesn't it?
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