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Re: Should I say yes?

By different religion I mean not a different sect but indeed a different religion. In any case I think I'm actually totally over this previous guy. I sometimes think things happened for the better. He never had enough time for me I wouldn't have been happy always having to push him to make time. Although the ironic thing is he never really fitted into any of the 'criteria' I had for what I was looking for in a partner. We just became good friends and eventually started dating. At the end of it all I realized I wasn't happy. Does this mean we should stick to our criteria? Do people in our criteria actually exist?

As far as this older man is concerned I asked him to give me time to get to know him and he's been understanding of it. I've now known him for 2.5months and we both seem to be able to talk for hours. I do know for a fact that he's head over heels about me from the things he does for me and how he talks to me. Only problem is I'm not head over heels for him. He'll most definitely make a great husband as he seems to be very compromising and willing to make things work. However after knowing him for this duration and me still having doubts I'm not sure if it would be a good idea to plunge into it and I can't keep him hanging any longer. Besides I'm still not one bit attracted to him. Now, the huge dilemma I have is how to break the news to him. He's a wonderful person and I know he will be heartbroken esp since we've been sorta dating for the last almost 3months and never fought or had any basis for a breakup. I feel like I need to live my life abit before getting married. How do I tell him no without crushing him?
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