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Re: I feel betrayed!

Originally Posted by sirleo View Post
Thanks Chosen, I am quoting it as chilblains as that's what she told me it is, what happens is that cold weather temprature fluctuations such as moving in and out of warm car to garden, sittin in a cold room for long then in a heated room triggers it and, cooking with bare hands and wasching with warm water triggers it, and makes the fingers and toes swell so much that they burst open while doing regular chores and disharge watery liquid, it remains so from dec till march. And only way is to avoid working and resting those months.
I live in vancouver and got arranged with friends and family input, my reason of feeling sad is that when u plan a wedding isn't It right to share such issues before marriage rather hiding and hoping it does not re occur as vancouver offers - moist damp and cooler temp than punjab for a longer time and the health could lead to a serious stage.

We did go see doctors when it first occured in my presence but they gave it a genetic disorder title as what they saw - cardio and dermtologists.

What do u say?
Its not chilblains that for sure. It sounds far worse than that and she needs treatment. Yes I do think you should have been told, especially as she is so seriously affected that she cant work, and also because if it is genetic it may pass to your children. This is one reason why I dont agree with arranged marriages, because you cant get to know the other perosn first and find all these thinsg out.
I am very surprised that she agreed to live in Canada knowing how severe her condition is, and the fact that she even had it in India.

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