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Re: I feel betrayed!

Originally Posted by sonia View Post
Given that I am coming from the same culture as you, I find it hard to understand your dissatisfaction! Also I dont consider this a betrayal if she didnt disclose her ailment to you because it is not stopping you from having a relationship with her! Why are you living in India now? Do you not have any place to stay in Canada? I would certainly feel abandoned if my husband leaves me because my hands or feet are swollen due to cold. People dont leave their spouses after they have cheated on them and try to work on their relationships and you are complaining about a small medical condition on which she doesnt have any control at all!

It certainly takes time to love someone but I am sure you knew this when you entered this marriage? How much did you try to make it work?

It looks like you want a way out of this and thats why you are making a big deal out of this! I think it will be best if you do, because I think the girl you married deserves to be with someone who takes care of her when she is not well and not someone who runs off to another country when she is not feeling at her best!

He is having to live in India because his wifes condition makes it impossible to live in his home in Canada .He has not left her.
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